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Learn to Leverage Instinct & Intuition With First Time Guest Andrea St. Amand

Pittsburgh Professional Women is pleased to welcome nationally known evidential psychic medium Andrea St. Amand for her first event in our hometown.

Passionate about pulling our divinity to earth, Andrea teaches that by working through fear, connecting to the imagination, emotional intelligence, and most importantly, our sacred souls, all can access divine messages

In this virtual workshop, Andrea will be discussing Instinct VS Intuition.

What’s the difference and how can you leverage these tools to grow your business?

Great news: Pittsburgh Professional Women members can attend this virtual workshop at no cost. It's one of the perks of being a member.

All are welcome to join us to learn how to help unlock the power of your business instincts and intuition. 

  • Do you ever have a hunch and then instantly dismiss it?

  • Ever feel compelled to make a call, start a project or speak up, but resist?

  • Do big ideas come to you and then you tell yourself, "that's just my imagination", or "that's not for me"?

For many women, tapping into instincts and intuition can be a shortcut to success. 

Pittsburgh Professional Women invites you to attend a first-of-it's kind webinar designed specifically for success-minded women.


Our very special guest speaker Andrea St. Amand has recently relocated to the area and will be speaking in Pittsburgh for the very first time. 

In this session, we'll explore the nuanced differences between instinct and intuition, shedding light on how each operates within your brain and manifests in your body. Embrace the idea that imagination is not just a whimsical notion but a potent tool for innovation and decision-making in business.

Discover how to:

  • Differentiate between instinct and intuition to make informed choices

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of where each originates within yourself

  • Recognize the distinct value and purpose of both in your entrepreneurial journey

  • Transform your intuition into a formidable asset through practical exercises

Meet The Guest Speaker:

Andrea St. Amand is a former partner in a national law firm now working nationally as an evidential psychic medium. She's fondly known as a "Ghost Therapist" who offers mediumship readings and teaches classes on the topics of developing intuition, paranormal experiences, and spiritual visitations.

Andrea appeared as the spiritual expert in the TV Series True Terror with Robert Englund on the Travel Channel. She studied extensively with evidential mediums Andy Byng and Anthony Mrocka. Andrea overcame fears of the unknown by spending an entire year meditating in the historic Old City Jail in Charleston, SC, a classroom that became a sanctuary.

Andrea is passionate about pulling our divinity to earth, by working through fear, connecting people to the imagination, emotional intelligence, and most importantly, our sacred souls. This is her first appearance in Pittsburgh.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how leveraging your instincts and intuition can propel your business forward.

BONUS: After the workshop, Andrea will be gifting a recorded meditation to invite continuous clarity and openness in your mindset. 

Register here:

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