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Six Things You Can Do to Celebrate International Women's Day to Accelerate Progress in 2024

Pittsburgh Professional Women members and friends gathered together on Wednesday to celebrate International Women's Day. We talked about the four most critical issues women around the world face today and how we can make an impact.

This Years Theme: Accelerate Progress

The panel included Betty Cruz, a trailblazing visionary leader and advocate for positive change, currently serving as the President and CEO of the World Affairs Council in Pittsburgh. Joining her were Alexandra Farabaugh, Associate Vice President of Public Affairs at Dollar Bank and President of Dollar Supports Women, and me, Beth Caldwell, founder of Pittsburgh Professional Women, author, and leadership trainer. Together, we delved into four impactful strategies to accelerate progress for women and girls worldwide

 How Can We Accelerate Progress?


  1. Invest In Women

  2. End Poverty

  3. Empower Our Youth

  4. Innovate Global Green Initiatives 

Here's a recap of our conversation on Wednesday:

  1. Use your personal success to influence others. Regardless of your position or title, you are influential. GO for new client, ask for a raise and promotion, increase your fees. Foster success in others by using your extra income to support some of the global agencies mentioned below.

  2. Seek to end poverty by educating women globally about the opportunities available to them. Beginning here at home, remember to take advantage of programs created to support women and families. Take advantage of, or tell others about programs like The Way Home, Flexible Term Loans, or Business Express Loans. Typically women do not take advantage of these programs. LET'S CHANGE THAT.

  3. It's not difficult to empower young women in our communities. Whether if be your daughter, a friends daughter, your son's friend, a neighbor, extended family member, co-worker, someone you know from the community, church, synagogue, mosque or temple, there is a young woman around you who would love to job shadow, attend a class or event with you, or talk about what she's facing. I invite you to bring that young woman with you to a future Pittsburgh Professional Women event.

  4. Learn about and participate in Global Initiatives. I cannot think of a better way to do that than to attend the new Global Citizens Fellowship for Women Leaders being offered here in Pittsburgh by the World Affairs Council. In my opinion, every company in the city should be sending a representative.

Six Ways You Can Get Involved with Pittsburgh Organizations

That Impact Women Locally and Globally


A Little Lift - one of my favorite local charities to support, this is a Blueprints project. Help a family here:


Global Links - this organization makes a difference around the world and was started by local moms who saw a need and filled it. I highly recommend going on one of their monthly tours. This organization is located in Greentree and will be the site of our celebration next year. Find out more about Global Links here:


South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) - offers a number of support programs for local families. I particularly like supporting the programs for immigrants (ISAC).


KIVA - This micro financing company was created by Jessica Jackley, a graduate of North Allegheny High School. KIVA is a way you can instantly impact women around the globe. Check it out here:


Hello Neighbor - you may remember meeting Sloane Davidson who was our speaker last year for International Women's Day. Hello Neighbor is committed to supporting our newest neighbors - recently resettled refugee and immigrant families. Since launching in 2017, they have provided support to over 1,500 refugees and immigrants from more than 29 countries of origin, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in their new lives here in Pittsburgh. Get involved here:


Join or send a team member to the Global Citizens Fellowship Cohort of Women being hosted by the World Affairs Council here in Pittsburgh. Get all the details here:

Thanks to everyone who helped make Wednesday's celebration a success:

Dollar Bank Supports Women

World Affairs Council Pittsburgh

Lindsey Smith and Melissa Rak, One Idea Books and Gifts Bookstore

Terina Hicks, Cobble World

Nicole Lerda, MaxxCole Salon and Spa

Anna Gaetano, Gaetano's Catering

Dominique Murray, Professional Photographer

Join us at an upcoming Pittsburgh Professional Women event:


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